Your Social Media Voice

For some reason, when people get on social media, all of a sudden they are a completely different person; they take on a whole different personality.

I know people who are new to social media and they get nervous when they’re ready to post on Twitter, because they can’t get their thoughts organized and get flustered.

Each one of us is unique and have our own personalities so why would you come across as someone you’re not? So here’s a quick tip on how you can find your social media voice.

Imagine you’re talking to a friend. That’s it. It’s the easiest and most effective way to sound genuinely you. Then write down what you’re going to a say to your friend and read it out loud, as if they’re standing right there in front of you. How does it sound? Does it sound like a normal, natural sounding conversation you’re having with your friend? How does your voice sound? Tense or relax when you’re reading it out loud? Is it the way you would sound when you talk to a live person in front of you?

On the other hand, if you’re posting to social media for business, you might want to have more of a professional voice. Nonetheless, the rules are the same. You’ll still pretend you’re talking to a co-worker. Write it down and read it out loud. How do you sound? Keep in mind that with your professional voice, you can sound more convincing, knowledgeable but it’s still being you.

So, in the case of social media, you have to be yourself and be able to distinguish how you come across. It takes practice, just like anything else, so send tweets in Twitter at least twice a day, until you get more comfortable with organizing your thoughts.

Have fun with social media, share your thoughts, your discoveries to the world and don’t worry, after a few post, you’ll find your voice in social media, that’s genuinely you.


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