Should You Get A Business Partner

Have you ever wondered if you need a business partner to help with managing or expanding your business?  Most business owners start as a sole proprietor and enjoy the freedom of managing their day by scheduling by having flexible times to meet deadlines and meeting new clients. However, for some sole proprietors they will eventually need to add a team member or consider getting into a business partnership with someone they can trust.

“Eventually, you may need a partner in order to grow your business”.

hand shaking in agreementHowever, as you start to build your business and getting more clients, you quickly get overwhelmed.  Prospective clients will start requesting for your help and sometimes, it seems everyone is calling you all at once.

You think you can take on more clients but quickly find that you need more help.  If you’re like most independent contractors, you don’t want to turn new business away!

I want to share this article for those of you thinking of expanding your business. This article about getting a business partner includes great tips from successful people, such as Jack Canfield.  As many of you may know, Jack Canfield is the co-author of book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. His book, “The Success Principles How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” includes tips and experiences that Jack shares on how to relate to people, how to handle stress, and principles on how to become successful as an entrepreneurs and in life.

There’s another wonderful guy I found online, that offers his insights about core values and building quality relationships, his name is Chris Plough.  You can visit his website here: Chris Plough

If you’ve never partnered up with anyone before, you might consider getting the advice of a business coach or mentor who has experience with business partnerships.  As a sole proprietor there are growing pains and mistakes learned and seeking a business coach can help avoid some of the issues having a partnership may bring.

Being comfortable to communicate with your prospective partner in an honest and trusting relationship is just the icing on the cake.

However, issues will come up.  Some of the questions you should ask would be “how did you handle this (issue)?” just to find out their response and get a glimpse of their strategic or tactical solution.

Think about some of the hard mistakes you’ve made in your own business and pose those problems to a potential partner and see if they are similar to your solutions or not.

I’ve heard that maybe you should look for someone who is opposite of you, because they bring to the business a whole different strategy and brainstorming ideas. I think this is an idea to consider too.

This article was a starting thought on getting a business partner.  Here’s another link to read about business partnerships:


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