How To Add Social Pug Share Button in WordPress

How to share button for social pug

Follow these easy steps on How To Add the Social Pug share button into your wordpress website.

Social Pub was created by DevPups.  It’s free and it’s been working for me from the start with no problems at all! So let’s go ahead and start the quick tutorial on how to install this awesome plugin into your WordPress website.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress site and in the dashboard, click Plugins. Then Click Add Plugins.

Step 2: In the search bar on the right side, type “Social Pug”. Select the one that has the 5 start rating!


Then Click ACTIVATE.


Step 3: Next, on the left side of the dashboard, click Plugins again, and select the Installed plugins.  Locate the Social Pug plugin.

Click on Settings.


Step 4:  Select the way you want the social media share buttons to appear by toggling the radio button.


That’s it!  Depending on  your preference, you can have the buttons float to the left.  But I noticed that a lot of websites use the floating bar on the left which also interferes with some of the content area.  For me, personally, I added as “Inline Content”, and had it positioned under all my content or blog posts.

Hope you found this helpful and as always, I welcome any comments! Thanks!