9 Tips to Share Your Website on Social Media

share your content on social media

Sharing content on Social Media sites is a great way to make your website more accessible to your audience.  The most popular social media platforms to share your content to are: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, it also depends on where your target audience are using the most.  Are they hanging out in Facebook groups?  Do they engage in LinkedIn or re-pin in Pinterest? If you’re an Etsy shop, you probably would want to use Pinterest or Instagram. Both of these uses image-friendly platform.

It’s also important to put a “Call to Action” button,  at the end of blog posts and that you want your audience to share. Your ” Call to Action” could be to share your link to any number of social media platforms. Sometimes, they are also an “opt-in”, to get people to subscribe to your newsletters.  But this post is about sharing content to various social media platforms.

Here are nine tips on how to share your blogs and updates to the social media platforms you use:

1. Add Share Buttons – Depending on the technology you use on your website, you should add the right share buttons on every page and blog post on your website. If you use WordPress, you can download a free plugin called “Social Pug”.  Tip: Click here for a step-by-step instructions on how to add the “Social Pug” plugin to your WordPress website.

2. Use Images and Videos -People like sharing images and videos with others. If your content has images and video, it will be that more likely to be shared by your audience. People love looking at images.  Do make sure that the images and videos are relevant and useful too.

3. Add Feature Images That Make Sense – When you share something on social media, make sure that you also use the right technology that forces the featured images to go with the shares and that they’re the right size, too.

4. Update the Content Frequently  – The more frequently you update the content on your website, the more opportunity your audience has to share. You’re not going to get many shares when the content is old, especially if your topic is about technical how-to’s.  You can always go back to an older post and update with new information as needed.  Or write a brand new blog about it.

5. Add Follow Buttons – Let readers follow you on your own social media sites, where you will also add the content links so they can be reminded to go see your information and share it for you, too.

6. Use RSS Feeds – Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary (depending on who you talk to) is an easy way to offer your readers to be able to read your blog along with other blogs. This works well for people who like to organize all the blogs they read into one spot. Your site visitors can use something like feedly.com to organize their feeds for reading.

Link to feedly – http://feedly.com/#discover

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7. Share Content through Email – When someone signs up for your email list, it’s a good chance for you to send them information about updates to your website. Make the emails easy to share as well. Always ask your readers to share. In your email footers, add your social media links there to so they can follow your updates!

8. Allow Commenting –  For some business owners, they are afraid of opening up comments on their blogs and articles but the truth is, people will trust you more if they can be allowed to leave a comment. Plus, if they can comment and you can comment back, it will create engagement that encourages sharing.

9. Automate It – There are plugins and apps that help you share your blog posts automatically with all your social media accounts. This is one of the best ways to automate when it comes to encouraging sharing via social media.