How to Create Product Photos

still life photo of glass bottles at monark virtual services

If you’re selling products online, it’s essential to learn how to create beautiful photos that inspire the shopper to actually buy the item. Taking photos that get results requires practice, education, and little imagination .

You can do it yourself, or you can hire someone. At first you’re probably going to want to do it yourself to save some money. Remember that you need to factor in your time. If you can make more money producing more products while paying a professional photographer to take the photos, you should at least consider it.

In order to create inspiring product photos you’re going to need the following:

1. Camera – The type of camera you get today isn’t really as important as you might think. You can take excellent product images with your smartphone.  If you need to move up to a more powerful camera, you don’t need to break the bank to take excellent and inspiring, product pictures.

2. Tripod – Consider this a must have tool.  Using a tripod to hold the camera extra steady while you take your product pictures will ensure that you get the best image for your products.

3. Check the Background – Use white poster board or mat board. You can get large, seamless background paper that photographers like to use from most photo supply stores, or craft stores. If you use white, make sure it’s a bright white color.

4. White Foam Board – Purchase this at a frame shop or art store like Michaels; you just need various sizes that are about the same size as your product. This will be used to bounce light onto your product.

5. A Standard Table – A nice card table that you can cover with a white sheet or paper that is large enough for your products is all you need. You can use milk crates, strong cardboard boxes and drape with a sheet.

6. Tape – You’re going to need to tape down your board so that it stays where you want it to. You don’t want to set it up just right, and then have something cause it to move during the photo session.

7. Well-Lighted Room – The more natural light you can get in the room, the better. If it’s not a windy day, you can even move everything outside to get the very best light nature has to offer.

8. Lighting – You can get the lighting you need from any home store like Home Depot or Lowes. Just buy three floodlights with reflectors, daylight 30-W fluorescent bulbs from them, and don’t forget stands for the lights. This type of lighting will best showcase your products.

Finally, set up your product to be the center of attention. It can also be a good idea to put something for a size reference near the product for one of the pictures at least, so that the audience knows how big your product is by sight. Even though you will put the measurements of all your products in the descriptions, seeing is believing.


Revamp Your Marketing Plan

email marketing

If you’ve been doing the same thing in terms of marketing and not getting the results you thought you would get, then you may need to probably revamp your marketing plan.

As technology changes, so do marketing methods and needs. In fact, every time you create a new campaign you should be revamping your plan based off the metrics from the last marketing campaign.

Check The Metrics

Depending on your marketing campaigns, you’ll need to watch your metrics.  The important factor is to look at the numbers and make some changes if something is not working after a month. When something is “off”, it’s a sign to take a good look at your metrics, study what isn’t working and replace it with better content or images.

Adjust and Make Changes

If something isn’t working, revamp your marketing plan again. Change your sales page headline if it’s not converting. Try different words to encourage purchasing. Ensure that the technology is working. If you have a lot of traffic but no sales, it’s likely a tech issue.

The 80/20 Rule

Not only will 20 percent of your work lead to 80 percent of your sales, it’s also true that 80 percent of your product is usually purchased by 20 percent of your audience. That’s just a statistical anomaly that has been proven to be true over and over again. Focus your campaigns to clients who have already purchased and move them through your product funnel for a quick boost in sales.

Look for New Opportunities

Be open to new ideas, new technology and a new way of thinking. Imagine how many business owners are really upset that they did not get into blogging and online marketing a lot sooner. Stay on top of technology that affects your niche to avoid trying to sell outdated and old products and services to your audience.

Be Consistent

With marketing, persistence is the key. Write a blog post as often as possible at least 2 times a month.  Send out more than five announcements about your new products or services to your audience. Send the announcements out in a variety of ways, too.

Be consistent on every marketing channel that you join, whether it’s your blog, social media marketing, and more. Don’t post once then give up. Keep on marketing to different channels and platforms.  If you know where most of your audience hangs out, be sure to post there often.

Some marketing you do may not work every time. Some will work spectacularly one time, bringing in many sales. Then next time you try it, it may not work.  Don’t be discouraged!

Just try new things because sometimes you discover something that works so great that it actually works every single time.