Speak The Language of Your Target Audience

who, what, where speak your target audience language

It’s absolutely essential to speak the language of your target market, in order to write an effective sales page. If you can manage this, it will resonate with your audience and they’ll listen to your message. If you write in the wrong language, your audience will be turned off and click away.

Write the Way You Talk

How you should write for your audience depends on your audience. There is only one truly universal rule, and that is you need to write in a conversational tone.  Write as if you are talking to a friend in person.

If your writing is stiff and formal, no one will want to read it. It should read like a good friend talking to you.

But be careful that you don’t sound too casual. “Too casual” means you’re using slang, using too many idioms, writing in a language that might be offensive or inappropriate, or using Internet abbreviations like “lol.” You should also make sure you don’t have any spelling, grammar, or usage mistakes.

Learn Your Audience’s Language

The first step in learning your audience’s language is to know exactly who your audience is. Research your target market and create an audience profile that includes whatever data you can discover about them.

To learn your audience’s language, connect with them and listen to them. Pay especially close attention to the words they usethat are related to your products or services.

For example, if you’re using the word “online entrepreneur” but your audience generally says “Internet businessperson,” the latter is what you should use for your sales page. Try to imitate the cadence, phrasing, word choice, and dialect they use.  Avoid industry blogs and websites. Look for the voices of your genuine audience members speaking.

Social Media

Social media is probably the best way to passively learn your audience’s language. Look at what your audience posts on social media. Join Facebook groups where your audience is talking. Search hashtags related to your business on Twitter and read tweets.

You can be more proactive by starting discussions among followers of your page or in groups. Ask a question, ask for opinions, give your opinion and ask for ideas, put a call out for tips, and so on.


Conduct interviews with your target market. The purpose of these interviews doesn’t have to be just to hear how they talk. You can use them for other marketing purposes, such as to getting feedback on a product or ask them about the problems they’re facing.

Even though it’s not the main purpose of your interview, it’s a great way to experience firsthand how your audience talks.

Face-to-Face Encounters

Take advantage of any face-to-face encounters you have with your target market and listen to how they talk. After the conversation, reflect back on it and jot down some notes on anything in particular that you remember.

Your Competitors

Check out your competitors’ sales pages to see how they talk to your audience. You should only do this if the particular competitor is successful. Make sure they’re actually selling their product and that they have an engaged audience.

You may already have an idea about how your audience speaks, but use objective data garnered from the above sources. You need to know for sure, and you might learn something surprising.

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Promote with Sales Landing Page

sales landing page

One of the best ways to promote your product or service is to have a Sales Landing Page.

Why would you need to have a Sales Landing Page? Because a sales landing page is specifically designed to have your visitor take a single action. Usually, button to click such as: “Buy Now” , “Book Now”, or “Consult Now”.

Your sales landing page is a page dedicated for your promotion. It should avoid any distractions, such as navigation menus, or sidebars.

Your Sales Landing Page should be ATTRACTIVE and CAPTURES their ATTENTION

Address their Pain Points

When writing the content for your sales page, you’ll want to address their specific problem. Mention the problems that may be getting them stuck in their marketing journey. Maybe it’s technology or advertising digitally.  Or they don’t know how to get traffic to their site.

You also want to add a solution along with a gentle persuasive message on how you can help get it fixed.

Get in Touch with Email Marketing

One of the ways to direct people to your landing page is through email marketing.  This is why many marketers will emphasize to build your list.  You’ve heard the saying, “the money is in the list”.  It’s

You will want to start collecting email addresses for those readers who stop by and visited your site.  Stay in touch and send your subscribers email occasionally.  Then, when it’s time for you to promote your specials let them know and add the link to your sales landing page.

Social Media

Utilize the power of advertising using social media.  Add your events to social media and direct people to your page.

Write Blogs

Another option is through a blog. When you write your blog article, make sure you have a link that directs your readers to your page. Let them know about an upcoming product, launch, sale or promotion.

Add a Call to Action (aka CTA) button that says “learn more”, in your blog, which also leads the readers to your sales landing page.

Give them a FREE Offer

Provide a free offer in your website’s sidebar or in a blog content.  An example of a free offer would be a downloadable eBook, cheat sheets, checklists, etc. With the free offer, you can add your readers to a specific mailing list.

Send Welcome Email Series

If you have an email or autoresponder service, send your subscribers a series of emails and continue to share great valuable content and tips every week.  This way, you stay in touch with your prospects and start developing relationships with them.  Eventually, as you form relationships with your new subscribers, you can direct them to your sales landing page to introduce them to your product or service.

If you plan on creating the landing pages yourself, I would recommend OptimizePress. I have been using OptimizePress for about 3 years now.  OptimizePress is a one-time payment. You buy it once and if you want to continue to get support services, you renew your subscription for a nominal fee.

Hope the brief information was helpful and if you have any questions leave a comment or use my contact page here.

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