Blogs Need Images

One of the most important part of content marketing is the material you put on your website’s blog.

It’s important to make your blog posts visually appealing. Adding images into your blog posts will not only enhance the content but will make your page attractive.

According to an article written by Neil Patel at, adding images to your blog posts whether it’s about your business, products and services will generate more traffic by 94%. You ‘ll get more total views for your site. There are a number of ways you can source appropriate images.

Taking the time to choose a relevant image will make your page look more professional.

Shoot Your Own Photos

You can produce perfectly good images by using your own digital camera or smartphone to take relevant pictures. Take pictures of products, make a portable light box or take pictures outside in natural light. Be sure to check the background so the focus is on the main item.

Get Creative

An image doesn’t have to be a photograph; it can be an attractive quote from your blog post with a beautiful and colorful background, made into a JPEG file. This is a great way to add interest as well as call out an important point within your blog post. It looks attractive and helps explain meaning to your readers.

Hire Someone

There are plenty of graphic designers from Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit as well as other freelancer sites where you can hire others to help you come up with appropriate graphics for your blog posts. They might come up with better ideas than you. If you outsource your blog posts, ask your writer if they can help you with images.

Stock Photo Sites

There are quite a few stock photo sites, like, free,, and Some of the photos from these sites are royalty-free, while some are paid. Check the license or copyright rules to ensure that you have a right to use the image. It’s also a good practice to give credit for images.

Limit Images

Remember to consider loading time, so use smaller images. Utilize the “alt” tags on the images so that if the photo does not show up for some reason, it will tell the reader what the image is. It also alerts search engines about the subject of your website.

So, start taking photos using your smartphone from different venues you attend or while going out for a walk and use them for your blog. It will make your blog more interesting and fun to look at!

To read more about images and your blog, read this article I found written by Neil Patel.


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