9 Reasons to Host Live Events or Webinars

Why You Should Host Live Events

Today, more entrepreneurs and coaches are conducting live events to provide personalize interaction by using webinars or tele-seminars to grow awareness to their brands.  Although some of you are already offering e-books, white papers, and free reports, you might want to include other venues and resources to attract your target market so your potential clients can get to know you on a more personal level.

One way to do this is to conduct live events which allows your audience a chance to interact with the movers and shakers within your niche, to interact with the experts, and to get personal attention. It’s much more effective than just downloading a free PDF you offer.

Start Connecting To More People with Live Events!

# 1 Reach Hundreds of People – You can literally reach hundreds of people at one time with a live teleseminar or webinar, all while you’re sitting in your home or even a hotel room at the beach. You can host them free on certain platforms or by taking advantage of a trial offer. To expand your reach, consider signing up with a premium plan that allows you more time, features and more attendees during your live event.

#2 Join Others – Joint venture partnerships for events work very well because the more experts you have on the panel, the less work it is for you. Plus, you can all take advantage of the power of marketing through each other’s lists.

#3 Host it Free –  Hosting a free event will attract more registrants than hosting a paid event; which means more people on your email list. Your email list is the best place to market to your ideal audience. However, this is a great start, since it usually takes time to convert people.

#4 Collect Contact Information – Every event require at minimum, an email address (preferably, with a double opt-in form) so you can send them updates and other information about your products and services. Most people will be fine with at least providing a first name and email, but don’t require them to provide too many form files to fill-in. You can always collect more information later.

#5 Live Demonstration  – Use a live event to exhibit how your products or services solve their problems. If you can show them by using case studies, and actual demonstrations of how your systems, product, and services works, you’ll get more believers who are willing to give you a chance, trust, and spend money.

 #6 Educate Your Audience – If you have a coaching practice, a great way to attract more clients is to actually teach your audience something, at least a taste of a larger service.

For instance, if you’re a web designer, you can teach your audience how easy it is to use WordPress for designing an interactive website. Believe it or not, many people will choose to hire you instead of doing it themselves – even if you teach them how to do it.

#7 Preview Higher-Priced Events – Let’s say you’re having a live, in-person event in Vegas. A webinar or teleseminar is a great way to give the audience a taste of what theyíll get at the event and meet the people who are going to be speaking at the event.

#8 Credibility – Interview experts, current and former clients or customers live on-the-air to help expand your credibility with your audience. When they meet people that you’ve helped, they’ll be more likely to trust you when it comes time to purchase a product or service from you.

 #9 Replays – One of the nice bonus of having live events is option to record them and then reuse or replay them at a later date.  It also means  that you do the work once, and then use the replays many times over.  

I like Teleseminar for the convenience of the recordings.  You can use the same link for registering and for providing the replay link.  You can sign-up for a 21-day Trial for only $1 (US) now by clicking this link: http://instantteleseminar.com/?x=3495261

Increase your reach, establish credibility and earn new business by hosting live events.  Take advantage of today’s technology like Teleseminar, where you can reach global audiences from your office or from wherever you areas long as you have access to internet service.

If you have any questions on how to start offering live events, need a moderator, or tech support, let me know.  This is one of my specialized services.  Use my contact form or schedule a 30-minute complimentary meeting with me.


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