4 FREE Time Management Tools To Try

Today, I’m writing about time management and using some really cool free tools to help you stay on top of your tasks! Not too long ago, I wrote a blog about project management and how to get better control of your “To-Do” list and also to get a grip on organizing your business as well as your personal life.  However, if you want to read about project management tips, you can do that here.

calendar icon black and whiteTrello on my iPhone and it’s always available at my fingertips. This allows me to post my “Aha! moments”, marketing ideas and swipe files.

Bottom line, I’ve tried a few other project management tools. Some were either too complicated, had too much of a learning curve or it didn’t work for my needs.

Some of the online tools below I use currently for myself and some I because it’s what my clients use in their business.

Trello – This is a collaboration tools that organizes your projects into boards. I LOVE this because: #1. It’s very intuitive, and easy for you or others to learn! You arrange the Boards per project, similar to a corkboard. Then you add “Cards”, think of the “cards” as sticky notes that you put on that Board. It’s free to use but if you recommend Trello to your friends or family, you can earn Gold for up to 12 months! (Usually it’s $45/year, so you’re saving when you recommend Trello.)

Teamwork Projects – I use Teamwork Projects to manage my small business. With the free version, you get 2 projects to manage. You get the dashboard, calendar, status and people to add in. There’s not limit on tasks added in for each project. It’s great for managing people who are helping you with the tasks. In the Overview menu, you see the overall pictograph of tasks, milestones, trends, time, digests, tags and people. I know many clients use Teamwork to manage their medium and large businesses! It’s one of the best project best management tools.

Asana – This is another great project management tool and lately my favorite! It’s been around for a long time, is popular for collaborating with others as well as tracking projects. The free version includes unlimited tasks, projects and conversations. This is especially helpful for “solopreneurs” bootstrapping their business and for startups. The paid version starts at $9.99/month if you sign up annually.

What I like about this is I can add my clients, their team members, and tasks and collaborate with them. The big plus for me, is that I can also manage my own PERSONAL task and projects that’s just for my eyes-only! I can just login to Asana and do my work for clients as well as manage my own projects!

Basecamp – I’ve been using Basecamp for nearly 3 years now with an organization that uses it. It’s super easy to use, collaborate with others on the team and upload files, images, pdfs, easily. Many businesses use Basecamp to manage their tasks and projects company-wide. The free version gives you one project to use. Otherwise the cost is FREE for students and teachers. They have also have a 30-day trial.

If you want to read more about other online tools to help you manage your time, visit my Resource Page.

An FYI, some of the online tools above, are affiliates, which means that I get compensated if you click and sign up with any of the links above. Please note that you DON’T pay anything extra for signing-up with the above providers. The prices if any, are the same here or on their website(s).



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