3-Simple Changes to Create a Peaceful Home Office

Have you ever walked into you home office, see the clutter and all the “to do’s” and it makes you just want to turn around? There may be a white board or bulletin board thick with notes and to-do lists. All you see a busy office with lots of things to attend to.

If this is what greets you when you walk through that door, you may be tempted to turn around and walk out. Understandably, you need all that stuff to get the work done, but does it have to take over your home office making it feel completely overwhelming? I’ve spruced up my office to make it more feel more welcoming and enjoy my working day cheerfully.

Let’s take a look at how to go beyond de-cluttering and organizing  and move into being creative in making a haven within your home office.

Add Beautiful Textures and Colors

You can easily find inexpensive solutions to create a pleasant palette in your home office. This includes using storage boxes covered in matching or complementary colors and patterns to store items that aren’t as pretty to look at, like wired notebooks.

Add Nature

Add live plants that are easy maintenance such as philodendrons which are easy to grow and can tolerate most environments or cacti. Ponytail palms are easy, angel wing plants and most cactus are great and not very expensive to buy.  You can find them at your local hardware stores in their nursery departments. You can also add bonsai trees already made in beautiful containers complete with small statues of little people in them.

Create A Cozy Corner

overstuff chairSmall home offices don’t typically allow a great deal of space for relaxing, but if you’re creative, you can usually find a corner to commandeer for comfort. Even if you seldom take advantage of your cozy nook during your work day, the sheer vision of it can help ease stress.

Choose an over-stuffed chair and place it in a corner of your home office away from your desk. You can also use extra pillows on a chair to create an over-stuffed chair appearance. Make sure you have an ottoman to rest your feet for a true cozy experience.

Include a cute small side table to hold your tea and a book for the perfect place to take that fifteen minute break you’ve been promising yourself. Think about hanging a soft drape between your corner and the desk. Stress can’t help but melt away when you sink into your little corner hideaway.

Beautiful Background Music

Your work area might require a lot of noise, video and phone conferencing, clacking of keyboards and printers, etc.  However, having some soft sounds in the background has been shown to calm the nerves.

There are many choices when it comes to creating soothing sounds in your office. Playing music is one option, of course. Perhaps some instrumentals would be in order.

I listen to TuneIn radio app from iTunes. They have a free and paid version and there are plenty of radio stations to choose from. Plus, I also bought myself a portable Bluetooth speaker for my home office.

Some radio stations to listen to while I work, is yoga music, zen music, and other instrumental world music. There are also stations with sounds of nature, jazz, classical and more. Music to serenade your work day can definitely help soothe and relax.

Now when you walk into your office, your senses are soothed with pleasantly decorated spaces instead of crazy clutter.


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