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Are you frustrated trying to figure out which technology works with your email, website or landing page? How often you find yourself saying, "I wish I knew how to automate email or social media or connect this to that?" Where did the time go?



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Focus on important parts of your business that you enjoy. Behind the scene tasks are completed and done effectively. Most successful entrepreneurs hire specialists who are skilled with online business and technology and get things done. 


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The truth is that the best kept secret to getting more done is to hire an independent contractor assistant that works with you, understands YOUR business, build long-term relationship, when you need help. Visit services page here.

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Digital Support For Online Businesses

Professional and Efficient

Digital Support for Your Online Business

Hello! I'm Lourdes McCombs, an independent online and marketing support Specialist from Illinois, USA. I help small to medium-sized business owners and solopreneurs who want to build their business through inbound marketing.

Why Work With Me?

As an independent contractor and consultant, I've helped clients with many web-based applications, such as email marketing, website, social media and more. Partnering with Monark Virtual Services, you'll get the most efficient, effective and affordable prices.

With over 20 years experience in a corporate background and virtual world combined, I've helped clients globally with many of their business needs in today's online world. So it doesn't matter where you are located.  We will communicate through email and sometimes on the phone.

I strive to provide quality work and exceptional customer service. I have a reputation for delivering projects that's "above and beyond". I work professionally  with business ethics and utmost confidentiality.

Ready to work with MVS?

Here's how the process works.

First, fill out the questionnaire below (less than 10 questions) or schedule a time to talk by phone.  Then we'll discuss your business, any struggles and type of support you're looking for.  Don't worry if you're not sure what you need, I'll help you figure that out too.

Next, I'll  do my research, homework, etc. and send a proposal with the details and deliverables. If you're ready to start, I'll send an agreement, so we are both on the "same page" and avoid any misunderstandings.  We'll talk or email and go from there. That's it!  Visit Services Page here.

U.S. Based

I'm located in Illinois, and in CT zone.  To learn more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile.



I've consulted with Lourdes with respect to marketing and advertising. Lourdes’ expertise, professional attitude and service was an unparalleled level of support. She's patient in her communications, explained the functionality of her strategy that's understandable, comprehensive for optimal applicability for practical usage. In short, I can't say enough about my enthusiasm and trust for all the work she has provided over the years of our collaborative ventures.  -- Don Barry Counseling Services, Inc.

Flor S imageI have worked with Lourdes for many years and can validate her immeasurable qualities. She always cared about her work and displayed a professional attitude with customers and team members. She's honest, smart woman, fast thinker, problem-solver and super organized.  She's an asset in any organization.  -- Flor. S. Retired Sales & Health Professional

Lourdes is incredibly professional with clients on the phone or email and delivers amazing customer service.  Her vast knowledge of technical tools to help streamline online systems for my clients along with her flexibility and eagerness to learn new programs is important in the growth and continuity of my business.  She's professional, articulate, creative, bright and responsible. Her talent to naturally adjust to client's  needs is amazing and I have come to rely on Lourdes to help with many tasks that my business and my client needs. -- Peggy Murrah, Owner, PMA Web Services, LLC.

On behalf of MIVNET, I want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have managed our social media and marketing so far this year. I can't remember a time when MIVNET has witnessed so much increased web traffic in such a short period of time. Several MIVNET website subscribers have commented on increased exposure. Thank you for your excellent service.   --  Mark L. Designing Architect and Founding Member, MIVNET

Zeina B imageI was very lucky to e-meet Lourdes who was coordinating and scheduling the Resource Recess webinars in the Education Department for a non-profit organization. Lourdes followed up very efficiently, answering all my questions. Lourdes even went a step further to schedule a Go2Meeting test ahead of the webinar, to ensure our audio set up.  Lourdes has been very transparent, reliable, and honest, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, a real pleasure to work with.  -- Zeina B. CEO at VEfficient

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